Pain Promotion

I have the distinct honor to see people in pain. Now, on the surface that sounds twisted and a bit inappropriate for a counselor to say. Let me explain…

There are essentially two types of pain. One is the kind that people want to extinguish. The other is the kind that people want to feed, fan, and let flame. Take a guess which one I see most often in my clinical work.

Hopefully, I’ve accomplished my task of thoroughly confusing you because it’s not the one that people want to extinguish. When folks come in and they are so thoroughly focused on getting rid of the pain that has floated into their life, I know they are in the wrong place.

I’m not that woman. I’m not that counselor. I’m certainly not that divine entity. I don’t giveth and I can’t taketh away. And I definitely don’t believe in an unthinking, unfeeling, uncreative universe that would allow us to languish for very short stints only to then magically take away pain without some purpose having been served for it interrupting our collective day.

I get excited when courageous souls come in and know that their pain is not going away. They may have tried the extinguishing route with drugs, alcohol, sex, shopping, hoarding, eating, or their particular flavor of covering it up juice. It didn’t work. And they know it is not the issue. It is a symptom.

What if you viewed any pain currently showing up in your world from a curious perspective? I’m not all that thrilled that you came to visit, but I am willing to ask and listen as you help me figure out the purpose of you being here. Sure, people think I’m nuts when they spend the first five minutes delivering their incredibly sad stories and I respond with… AWESOME! You ready to do some work?