Living in Reverence

In a flash last night, I was transported back to a time when we spent our days and nights in hospital rooms, waiting areas, essentially praying and living in faith that somehow everything would work out.  There was a sense as I had that moment in my daily routine yesterday that I have lost most of the tension, much of the heartache, and some of the reverence in which I lived during that period of crisis.  Now, I’m more than grateful that the heartache and the tension have subsided.  And yet, there is this little piece of me that knows even though it was terribly draining to live that each day there was also a piece where I was never closer to the pure act of living my mission to be of service to others.  Mission?  What?  Wait, she’s typically funny.  Sometimes a little preachy, but mission?  We just went somewhere I’m not comfortable with there, ol’ Jen.  Of course you’re not, friend.
Many of us are not living from a space of reverence each day.  I want to again, and so my practice these days is about not recapturing the negative aspects of that year and a half.  Rather, my faith guides me to believe since I lived it so fully during that time period that there are miracles happening all around us and our job is to live as fully present as we can in the knowledge that those miracles are happening for us.  Pretty big stuff for a weekday morning, I know.  It occurred to me though that I had the honor once of knowing every single day when I woke up that I would witness human kindness, compassion, and empathy in abundance that day.  I just thought I’d humble up this morning and send my acknowledgment out to all of you that it is me who has forgotten how to create that in each day.  My job is to be as present as I can and show up for those that I can, however I can, each day.  Be well, be kind, be giving of your love.