I approach my consulting role as a collaborator.  My specialty is bringing together various disciplinary principles from over a decade, quite literally much to the chagrin of my supportive family, spent in higher education learning about the divergent fields of international relations and counseling theory.  These seemingly disparate pursuits quite naturally brought together my love of empowering others by working alongside them and creative solutions.

Using my counselor’s toolbox in tandem with my negotiation training spurred on another decade working with at-risk youth and their families in both private pay and state-funded residential settings.  Providing consultation services at this point in my career is a culmination of my desire to share what I have learned with others as they pursue better using the talent they already have.  My current projects bring qualitative inquiry, specifically participatory action research (PAR) to residential facilities to support systemic change.

The ultimate goal in my consultation work is to allow a forum for open dialogue that enhances the skill set that already exists within organizations by asking those that have the best idea of how they work best, the staff themselves.  I then work alongside stakeholders to implement a series of interventions geared at strengthening and expanding the ability of their people to do what inspires them.

Please contact me directly with questions about how I can best assist you and your company’s goals using the form or email address provided on the Contact page.  I negotiate consultation fees based on the specific tasks required for each project.